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Health Test and Treatment 7D NLS

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The Medicomat - 36 7D - NLS is the latest in non-invasive equipment for the Bioresonanz and NLS Analysis of the Human Body, therapy, nutrition suggestions and supplement testing. Medicomat Bioresonanz method is a very useful analysis procedure, and it based on express estimate the human organism status, over the registration of changes in human body organs and Histologische structures, as well as providing the prognosis of treatment stages and possible complications. The process is completely safe and non invasive and allows us to adapt your therapy more accurate. Computer Nichtlineare analysis (NLS) as a dynamic informative method is so much more and more will have a Full marking such as this the health to examine. NLS method allows the evaluation of the status of the organic energy each organ individually.

Medicomat software

Medicomat software is designed with shapes, colours and description of the capture the clients attention and help you to feel secure about the test and treatment. The accuracy of the measurement,: Medicomat - 36 provides large virtual detection models human organs with an accuracy of 85 - 95%. You can do just the health of the internal organs to know Can be seen, and also easy health trends after 3 - 5 years. It only takes 30.10 minutes the body of 3D simulation Ct Scans for quick analysis and rated a find in health status. Identification of bacteria, viruses and parasites, in recognition of allergens, food, dietary supplement, drug, drugs analysis and test method of construction help you prepare. Medicomat therapy is in correction of the gestörten Intrabodily balance more than specific combinations of frequencies listed vibration using a state of the disease. Medicomat NLS is not invasive detection, the test have no pain.


  • Medicomat Medical Automat Series * THE WORLD 'S BEST health Wesen device
  • Health Test and treatment – 10 minute test – Health Trends – Recovery Plan – Repair Treatment Function – not side effects – Quick – painless – harmless – inexpensive and reliable
  • Complete Gesundheitscheck with Bioresonanz scan and treatment Bioresonanz 7D and NLS analysis of the human body, therapy, Remedies preparation on suggestions addition to control. Designed to fit to completely examination health body and for the treatment of Identifizierten problems.
  • Please note: This unit comes with Laptop; Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, assure to our NSL machine work perfect, we sell it with computer, all the software. Read more at Medicomat. com and more product video at
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