Best Tablet Computers Available Today

Great Deals
Great Deals

Check out the best tablet computers around today there are some really great deals available. To make a valued decision before buying you need to know whether a desk top computer, a laptop computer, or a tablet computer is suitable for you.

What is a tablet Computer?

Tablets are small, flat computers with touchscreens that are between a book and a magazine in size. They’re like large versions of a smartphone.

The most popular tablet computers at the time of writing are the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Key features and benefits of tablet computers

  • Tablet computers are usually less powerful than ‘proper’ PCs. Instead of working via a fully fledged operating system such as Windows, a tablet will generally use an extended version of a smartphone Operating System.
  • They are small enough to fit in the hand but large enough to display a lot of text at a decent size. Tablets are intended to bring the feeling of a book or magazine to a computer.
  • The tablet is ideal for browsing the web. Its size and shape make it easy to read and hold. All tablets include wifi to help you browse, with many including a 3G or 4G connection as well. This allows you to connect to the internet from anywhere.
  • Just like smartphones, tablet computers will usually have access to an ‘app store’ where you can purchase and download a huge number of applications. These can perform any number of things, from word processing to games. These applications are designed specially for the tablet’s larger screen.
  • Tablet computers are also excellent media players. They play music on headphones or through speakers. Even more videos look excellent on the relatively large screen.
  • Most tablets include e-reader software that allows you to download books and other written material from the internet. You can then read it on the tablet.
  • Generally tablet computers have smaller screens than standard computers, which some people may find difficult to use.
  • Some people may also find the access method of finger or pen more difficult, Lots of people prefer using a mouse. Also if using a virtual onscreen keyboard, where the letters are smaller using touch or a pen can be difficult.

Choosing a tablet is a personal choice.

It is easy to carry and many people use them for commuting, and travel. They tend to use them for watching video, browsing communication via apps like Skype, Viber and Whats app. You can also access email, Facebook, Instagram etc. They are not so easy to use for office programs. However a tablet is a great device for the above applications and people prefer them to smartphones because of the screen size. Also because you can store and read e-books. Plus you can store and play music, and stream music and video. And of-course play games.

If you want a device that is great for these functions then a tablet is a good choice. If you want to use word processing, spreadsheets and other office packages I would recommend a laptop or a 2 in 1 laptop tablet combination. This will benefit you by having a keyboard.

When choosing a tablet make sure it had a good screen size, a powerful processor and a good graphics card and battery life. Make sure it is capable of doing everything you want it to.

Here are some of the best tablets available

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