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Choosing a computer

You can find several styles of computers on the market, from desktops, laptops and tablets. You may be wondering how you’ll ever choose which one to buy. Some computers, such as laptops, are small and portable. Do you want a desktop or a portable computer. Maybe you might even consider a 2 in 1 that converts from a laptop to a tablet. The choices are amazing and there are great deals to be had.

Computers use different operating systems, such as Windows and Apple Macintosh, to make everything run. You also need to decide on what you will be using it for. Basic computing will need a good graphics card and processor. Gaming and graphics computers require larger processors and better graphics and video cards.For gaming as well you will need a great processor and video card.

Consider the following features when choosing the type of computer you should buy:

Which computer operating system do you prefer?

Windows is probably the most common computer operating system. However, Macintosh computers from Apple are also popular. Macintosh computers use Apple-specific software. However, many software applications written for Windows are also available for the Macintosh. Plus you can also set up your Mac to run the Windows operating system, which gives you the best of both worlds.

Some computers run on a freely available operating system called Linux, which has similar functionality to Windows.

Do you want a laptop, tablet or PC?

Two types of computers you can buy are a laptop and a desktop. Here’s the difference:

  • A laptop is portable, weighing anywhere from two to eight pounds. The monitor, keyboard, and mouse are built into the laptop. Choose a laptop if you want to use your computer mainly away from home. Or you have little space in your home for a larger computer.
  • If you do not want to use a mouse then you may even consider a touch screen computer.

Sound and Graphics

Computers with more sophisticated sound and image capabilities are often referred to as gaming or multimedia models and they typically require a larger hard disk to handle these functions. Because the capabilities of these cards change all the time, ask the person you’re buying the computer from whether the system can handle sophisticated sound and graphics.

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