Best gadgets for home available today

The best gadgets for home today are designed to make our lives easier, our homes more secure and comfortable.

Today smart technology is taking over. Before it was unthinkable that devices could communicate and send information to you. Plus take voice commands. Things like clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, and much more. You can now even get internet conneted fridges and freezers, robotic vacuums and window cleaners. It is just amazing.

Best gadgets for home Available today

You can control your home easily using things like smart plugs

Best gadgets for home

Smart plugs

Smart Plug WiFi Outlet TECKIN Mini Plug Works with Alexa, Google Home, Wireless Smart Socket Remote Control Timer Plug Switch, No Hub Required

There are also smart lights

Best gadgets for home
Smart Bulbs

P-LINK Kasa Smart Bulb, Wi-Fi Smart Switch, E27/B22, 11 W, Works with Amazon Alexa (Echo and Echo Dot) and Google Home, Colour-Changeable, Dimmable, No Hub Required(LB130), [Energy Class A+]

You can even use voice control for your heating

Best gadgets for home
Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Radiator

How about smart light switches

You can control everything from your lights, your heating, turn on or off electrical gadgets. Turn on romantic music dim the light and even activate aroma therapy scents from a diffuser. You voice can create whatever atmosphere you like.

Virtually anything you can think off is voice activated and companies like amazon and google provide hubs to control them. It is amazing. You could literally just sit on the sofa, ask google to turn on the coffee machine, switch on the TV. Then close the curtains then just relax.

If you have a robot hoover then lay back and command it to clean. Perhaps you would like to command your bath to fill you a warm bath. Or your smart internet enabled fridge to check what you have. Then select a recipe and even order food to be delivered if you are running out.

We could become so lazy but this smart technology is amazing. Check out the amazing smart devices for the kitchen

These are just some of the Best gadgets for home

FridgeCam by Smarter (Latest Version with Food Tracking)

Best gadgets for home
FridgeCam by Smarter (Latest Version with Food Tracking)

Turn your fridge into a smart fridge within minutes using the new FridgeCam by Smarter.

FridgeCam takes a photo when you close your fridge door and sends it to your smartphone.

You can reduce food waste with the best before tracker to keep on top of expiry dates, so you’re reminded to use them up in time.

FridgeCam will automatically add used or expired items to your shopping basket which is then pre-populated next time you shop online.

Compatible with iOS and Android and uses WiFI technology and a USB recharging port.

Equipt with a universal mount, the FridgeCam can be retrofitted to any fridge within minutes,

Works with Alexa for key commands such as Alexa, what’s can I cook for dinner tonight?

This is just one of the amazing smart devices here

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