Best gadgets for guitarists available today

Great Deals
Great Deals

There are some great gadgets for guitarists ranging from tuners through to mini portable electric guitars. The choice of gadgets is endless check out the best here

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

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ROADIE 2 | Smart Automatic Guitar Tuner & String Winder

Every Guitarist needs to tune their guitar, and why not with ease?

This gadget tunes, winds up your strings, and keeps an eye on the quality of your strings. 

You basically put this on your guitar tuning peg, strum the string and the Roadie does all the rest, and tunes within seconds. You can also use alternate tunings using their app. 

The tuning is super accurate. If you’re in a noisy place, you can connect directly using the jack to tune.The Roadie can also tune 7-12 strings, banjos, ukuleles, and more. It also has the capability to let you know if your strings are old and need to be replaced.

Using the mobile app, you can customize your tuning to fit your needs. You can also recharge the Roadie using a USB.

They now have a Bass Roadie Tuner as well.

gadgets for guitarists
Roadie Bass Standalone Automatic Guitar Tuner

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Anygig Electric Guitar

gadgets for guitarists
Anygig Electric Guitar
  • [QUALITY GUARANTEED] All ANYGIG guitars will be carefully tested before shipment, guitar quality is guaranteed!
  • [GREAT DESIGN CONCEPT] Main concept of Anygig design is “Simple”, “Balanced design”, “Portable” and “Stable function”.
  • [PREFERRED CHOICE FOR GUITAR ENTHUSIASTS] Anygig are the preferred choice for enthusiasts with their perfect balance of high quality and user friendly design.
  • [GIG ANYTIME! & ANYWHERE!] Anygig allows you to practice and improve your guitar skills anywhere. It is extremely portable and makes it the ultimate go anywhere. Ergonomic design, compact size, easy to carry, available for you to practice anywhere.
  • [STRAPHOLDER DESIGN FOR COMFORTABLE PLAYING] Anygig Strapholder is the part for comfortable playing. Special shape of strapholder keep holding guitar with strap during playing.

This is amazing check it out

42 Pieces Complete Guitar Repairing Maintenance Tool Kit

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