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What are the best computers available today? This is an interesting questions as there are so many choices. When computers first came out they were all set up for the same thing functions. Nowadays you can get computers for gaming, video editing, students, home and the office. Plus they are not just bulky standalone units any more. You can get mini desk top computers, all in one monitors. The choices are endless.

Choices to make

You need to decide what you want to use it for. If you just want email, social media streaming videos and gaming. Then a tablet or laptop may be better. If you want to use it for word processing and other office applications. Then a computer would be my first choice. If you want a keyboard or a touch screen then this is the next decision to be made. Plus do you want a mouse as well. Depending on the space you have a t home maybe a mini system or an all in one monitor could be better. Or even a laptop as this is also portable.

best computers available
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The choices are endless. Just make sure that the screen you choose suits your needs. Also that the computer has sufficient processing power, graphics capabilities and ram memory. You can also add more storage memory with a hard drive but today many computers come with I TB of storage.

If sound is important them make sure the speakers on the computer are good. Also if using Skype or video conferencing you should make sure that it Has a good web cam.

Maybe you are looking for the best computer for college. Perhaps the best computer for graphic design, the best computer for video editing or even the best computer for gaming. It largely depends on what you are intending to use the computer for. If like me you want the best computer for everyday use and office programs then you can find these here as well

Here are some of the best computers around today

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